Cornelia Street: The Songwriter Exhange

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Cornelia Street is a tiny one-block street in the heart of Greenwich Village, Mew York City. It was laid out in 1974 on the farm of Robert Herring who named it for his grand-daugther, Cornelia. Ita has had na interesting history.
In the nineteenth century it housed the stables of the rich. During Prohibition it sheltered one of New York's most famous speakeasies. In the late fifties and early sixties, athhe the Caffe Cino, it gave bith to Off Off Brodway. .....
From (Liner Notes)
    1. Song of My Brothers (Rod Macdonald) - Rod Macdonald - 4:35
    2. Summers in New Jersey (Cliff Eberhardt) - Cliff Eberhardt - 4:35
    3. Connections (Martha P.Hogan) - Martha P.Hogan - 4:18
    4. Girl in New Mexico (Michael Fracasso) - Michael Fracasso - 3:05
    5. Moonsong (Elliot M.Simon) - Simon & Kaplanski - 2:47
    6. Contrary Mary (David Massengill) - David Massengill - 5:15
    7. Drive (Cliff Eberhardt) - Cliff Eberhardt - 3:43
    8. The Coming of the Snow (Rod Macdonald) - Rod Macdonald
    9. Say Goodbye Love (Elliot M.Simon) - Simon & Kaplanski - 4:57
    10. Paddy on the Handcar (Brian Rose) - Brian Rose - 3:28
    11. Massengill's Theory of De-Evolution (David Massengill) - David Massengill - 5:08
    12. The God Will Dance (Tom Intondi, Frank Rossini) - Tom Intondi - 4:12


    Rod Macdonald: Vocal, Guitar
    Peggy Atwood: Background Vocals
    Tom Intondi: Background Vocals, Vocal, Guitar
    Mark Dann: Bass, Acoustic Bass, Guitar
    Cliff Eberhardt: Vocal, Guitar
    Martha P.Hogan: Vocal, Guitar
    Jeff Gold: Lead Guitar
    Michael Fracasso: Vocal, Guitar
    Elliot Simon: Vocal, Guitar, Piano
    Lucy Kaplanski: Vocal, Guitar
    Petre Lewy: Cello
    David Massengill: Vocal, Dulcimer
    Curtis Field: Saxophone
    Brian Rose: Vocal, Guitar, Bass Drum, Penny Whistle
    Mark Mugrage: Background Vocal, Lead Guitar
    Frank Christian: Lead Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Jim Salzano: Photo
    Steve Singer: Design
    Robin Hirsh: Liner Notes, Producer
    Bernard Brightman: Producer
    Michael Lobel: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
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