Connections - Martha P.Hogan

    What's a woman to do
    When the only thing she see at night is the moon?
    What's her lonely heart to do
    When she fells like it's sying too soon?
    She can't stop the wind
    She can't move the rain
    She can't stay the same in her heart

    What's a loving man to do
    When he hears an echo in soul?
    What's his searching heart to do
    But find someonewho can fill the holes?
    He can't stop the wind
    He can't move the rain
    He can't keep the change from his heart

    What I am supposed to do?
    You grabbed me out of the waves
    What are you supposed to do?
    Like the breeze I blow you awya
    You can't stop the wind
    I can't move the rain
    We can't keep this feeling from our hearts

    You've got to love me...
    I've got to love you...


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words