Say Goodbye Love - Elliot M.Simon

    When you wake up in the early evening
    Shining a sad sad old love song
    When you make yourself a cup of coffee
    Do you ask yourself the question, "What went wrong?"
    Are you tire of making promises you'll never keep
    Do you take your failures with you when you go to sleep?

    Then Say good-bye love
    I know you've tried love
    We all do the best we can
    But no one ever truly understands

    It was somewhere in another lifetime
    Somewhere in the recent long ago
    Let the memory find its own connection
    Hold it for a moment then let go
    When you're tired of askin' what it is on what it means
    Just turn around and paint yourself a change of scene

    [Repeat Chorus]

    There's a garden in the evening sunset
    There's a graveyard in the midnight star filled sky
    And the sun is just a lonely traveler
    Just another weary passerby
    The conclusion of another cycle now begins
    Take a moment now to think about what might have been

    [Repeat Chorus]


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words