Massengill's Theory of De-Evolution - David Massengill

    What's wrong with the man upstairs?
    He just lost his boyfriend
    He can't stop crying
    With tears as big as Stonehenge
    Just look at my ceiling
    The player is peeling
    He's old and gay but just yesterday
    His shoes were polished
    Now he waits to go into the snow
    And practice bird cells

    What's wrong with mine generations?
    To play with paper dollies
    On go back to collage
    That is the question
    Where are the Jacks Londons
    Now that we need them
    O you may say no dragons to stay
    They're in the ground
    But keep an eye on me and you will see
    My books light up

    What's wrong with the Russians?
    Have you had their novels
    They all die in brothels
    O Anna Karenina
    You should meet Sherlock Holmes
    Or is it Easil Pathbone
    Do you get my gist all yo communist
    Can't you take a joke
    Did you hear the one the traveling salesman
    And the Bolshevik's daughter
    ...Bolshevik you've got a lovely daughter

    What's wrong with the Angels?
    Area they really Martians
    Or renegade space mums
    Sugar bricks my pleasure dome
    A wind made of ether
    A garden of neither
    I don't believe in Adam and Eve
    I pray anyway
    When life gets tough just call its bluff
    Home erectus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words