The God Will Dance - Tom Intondi, Frank Rossini

    When these food and wine
    To rock our mind
    And the sky is never falling
    When nights are long
    And we sleep well
    And days are even longer
    When the sun is warm
    And the moon is full
    Inside that long cold winter
    Then our breath will be caught
    By a hank in the wind

    When the promises made
    to the hungry man
    Become bread to fill his belly
    When the shadows that hide
    he the corners of our eyes
    Can walk the streets naked
    When words are no longer
    Used for lies
    But turn into flesh and wonder
    Then our toungue will be fire
    Our breath will be rain
    And our voices will be thunder

    When clocks tick time
    For a blue saxophone
    That's curled around green lovers
    When the fish in the sea
    Talk to you and me
    And tell us tales of our creation
    When the cost of life's
    Not dollars and cents
    But the growth of love and wisdom
    Then God will dance
    In our hearts
    And our hands will warm no one


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words