Summers in New Jersey - Cliff Eberhardt

    Summers in New Jersey
    I always hated Jersey
    The good times evaded me
    No matter what I did
    All the girls were older
    When your thirteen everyone's older
    Even the thirteen year old girls
    Treated me like I was just some kid

    Please take me to the broadwalk
    And let me try to beat those games
    I love the crooked midway barkers
    And the bosses youngest daughter
    And I can't wait for fall
    So I can go home again
    I blew all my money on the broadwalk
    Every year I try to beat those games
    Then I stumpled over bodies on the overcrowed beaches
    It's lights and private parties
    Where no one knows your name

    Summers in New Jersey
    Even the weathers lousy
    Comic books and TV won't keep me entertained
    Summers last forever
    When your 13 everything lasts forever
    You believe you can come back
    every year it will all remain the same

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words