Drive - Cliff Eberhardt

    I'll trade you Illinois for Oklahoma
    I'll trade Augusta, you trade Tacoma
    There ain't nothing but nothing left in between
    And there ain't no jazz on the radio
    From Denver, Colorado to Kokomo
    Tie the wheel to the door and sleep in between

    I sleep in my car I avoid motels
    'Cause Park Place is high but Boardwalk is hell
    It'll cost you a week's worth of wages just to rest your eyes
    So I bought some greed from a trucker in Aspen
    I paid him twenty dollars for a bottle of aspirin
    I won't have another headache till the Fourth of July

    I drive my baby crazy the way that I drive
    It's the only way I know how to feel alive
    If I was forced to take the bus I'd probably die
    I use twisty fright for my haircrain
    And my after shave is gasoline

    I got a Ford and a Chevy and a Continental
    Two of 'em I Won and one one's a rental
    I'm going up any cash for a two tone fifty-five
    I got an M.F.A.and Ph.D.
    and a lot of good that they're doing for me
    'Cause all I ever wanted to do in ,y life was drive

    Gasoline is high and you gotta drive slow
    And the cops are trouble everywhere I go
    If I get another ticket in Kansans it's the end of me
    they give you one dime for one local phone
    they've already scratched my name on the goddam cell wall
    For a lousy speeding ticket they throw away the key

    [Repeat Chorus]

    When I die I get the Golden Keys
    To the Golden Cadillac with the Golden Fleece
    Diamond crushed headlights and a silver hood
    St.Peter says, "Son this ain't no jive
    But the Lord himself want to learn to drive
    And he poiwed his finger at you 'cause you're so damn good"

    [Repeat Chorus]


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words