Terry Allen - Lubbock (On Everything)
    1. Amarillo Highway (Terry Allen) - 3:55
    2. High Plains Jamboree (Terry Allen) - 3:28
    3. The Great Joe Bob (A Regional Tragedy) (Terry Allen) - 4:38
    4. Wolfman of del Rio (Terry Allen) - 5:34
    5. Lubbock Woman (Terry Allen) - 3:36
    6. The Girl Who Danced Oklahoma (Terry Allen) - 4:14
    7. Truckload of Art (Terry Allen) - 5:15
    8. The Collector (And the Art Mob) (Terry Allen) - 2:02
    9. Oui (A French Song) (Terry Allen) - 2:20
    10. Rendevouz USA (Terry Allen) - 2:35
    11. Cocktails for Three (Terry Allen) - 2:50
    12. The Beautiful Waitress (Terry Allen) - 5:39
    13. Blue Asian Reds (for Roadrunner) (Terry Allen) - 3:43
    14. New Delhi Freight Train (Terry Allen) - 7:40
    15. FFA (Terry Allen) - 1:17
    16. Flatland Farmer (Terry Allen) - 4:23
    17. My Amigo (Terry Allen) - 3:15
    18. Pink and Black Song (Terry Allen) - 4:03
    19. The Thirty Years War Waltz (for Jo Harvey) (Terry Allen) - 6:19
    20. I Just Left Myself (Terry Allen) - 2:05


    Joe Ely: Harmonica
    Ponty Bone: Accordion
    Terry Allen: Piano, Vocals
    Jo Harvey Allen: Harmony Vocals
    Tommy Anderson: Trumpet
    Mike Austin: Harmony Vocals
    Richard Bowden: Fiddle
    Don Caldwell: Saxophone, Engineer, String Arrangements, Mastering
    Kenny Maines: Bass, Harmony Vocals
    Lloyd Maines: Guitar (Acoustic), Dobro, Mandolin, Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Harmony, Vocals, Mastering, Bell-tree,Tenor Banjo
    Curtis McBride: Drums
    Suzanne Paulk: Harmony Vocals
    Freddy Pride: Harmony Vocals
    Sylvester Rice: Harmony Vocals
    Jimmy Sampson: Harmony Vocals
    Alan Shinn: Percussion, Castanets, Marimbas, Jawbone
    Russ Standefer: Tuba
    Jesse Taylor: Guitar
    Vincent Thomas: Harmony Vocals
    Susan Allen: Violin
    Leslie Blackburn: Viola
    Luis Martinez: Guitar
    Mark Anthony: Trombone

    Production Credits:

    Dave Peabody: Photography
    Jo Harvey Allen: Photography
    Lloyd Maines: Engineer, Mastering
    Don Caldwell: Engineer, Mastering

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words