Cocktails for Three - Terry Allen

    Cocktails for three
    Ohhh it's gettin to me
    Yeah passin afternoons
    Sittin in these cocktail rooms
    Ahhh from nine to five
    I'm in the pink
    'Cause after work
    We go for a drink
    He shows up every time
    Just as I clink
    Your daqueri to mine
    Ohhh cocktails for three
    It's not natural to me
    Hey not for me and you
    Should be...cocktails for two
    Just sittin here with that fellow and you
    tryin hard to act mellow...when I'm blue
    Ahhh whoo-whoo
    Cocktails for three
    It's too kinky for me
    Best let it go and be done
    Just stick to...cocktails for one
    Now he's just another lonely business man
    Sittin in a lonely business land
    His story is on every jukebox
    And his his drinkin
    Is on the rocks
    His his drinkin
    Is on the rocks

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words