The Great Joe Bob (A Regional Tragedy) - Terry Allen

    He was a panhandle prince…ahhh
    Schoolboy football king
    They told him "Hi" in the halls
    'Cause he could run them balls
    But it was rumored (down deep) he was mean
    He dated high-tone girls
    With frosty pom-pom curls
    But he never gave out his ring
    He was the best of the best
    He met the grid-iron test
    An there ain't nothin…as American
    An clean
    He was the pride of the backfield
    Ahhh the hero of his day
    Yeah he carried the ball for the red and blue
    They won District Triple-A
    An his name made all the papers
    As the best they'd ever had
    Yeah so nobody understood it
    When the Great Joe Bob went bad
    First he lost his scholarship
    To Texas Tech
    For drinking during training
    An breaking the coach's neck…yeah
    Then he got suspended (ahhh) for acting obscene
    Around the Cum-Laudy, Cum-Laudy
    Daughter of the Dean
    He took up with a waitress
    Named Loose Ruby Cole
    While she was a-hoppin' tables
    Down at the Hi-D-Ho
    An he met her on the sly
    When her daddy weren't around
    Yeah but he stopped making yardage
    When he started messin 'round
    Yeah it spread like a country wildfire
    That something big had gone all strange
    Joe Bob the Greatest Halfback
    Was actin half-deranged…ahhh
    He'd been seen out with this woman
    Gettin drunk and havin fun
    Yeah he growed his hair, then gived up prayer
    An said, "Football days is done"
    He and old Loose Ruby
    Robbed a Pinkie's Liquor Store
    An had a run-in with the law
    When they's runnin out the door
    An Joe Bob's fate was sealed
    For the next century
    Yeah he traded in the pigskin
    For the penitentiary

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words