High Plains Jamboree - Terry Allen

    She was a honky tonker
    An he was a family man
    An she showed him her gold teeth
    When he'd hold her little hand
    They met out on the highway
    At the Paradise Motel Lounge
    On Saturday nights
    When things weren't right
    Between him an his wife in town
    An they're just another couple
    On a High Plains Jamboree
    Playing out them sad songs…they understand
    Just another couple
    Makin jukebox memories
    An walking into trouble…hand in hand
    She weren't no maid of cotton
    An he weren't no hell-of-a-man
    But they must have loved each other
    Like only the lonely can
    They slow-danced through the neons
    Like sorrow through a song
    Then they carried the tune
    To the motel room
    An they played it all night long

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words