Lubbock Woman - Terry Allen

    She's sittin in the front room
    Just watchin the tv
    Paintin her nails red
    In a black negligee
    She just teased up her new wig
    Painted her eyelids blue
    She's out to win
    But she's destined to lose
    Too much rouge
    Too much booze
    Too many movie magazines
    Too many high-tones
    Makin fun of her
    And the way she lives
    Too many low-lifes
    Makin her promises
    They'll never give
    But she's a diamond in the wilderness
    Sweetheart of the West
    She ain't so good lookin
    But she can make love with the best
    She's forty
    An lonely
    An raw
    An raunchy
    An has a good heart
    An has a good heart
    She's a Lubbock Woman
    You got to love that woman

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words