Rendevouz USA - Terry Allen

    Sa la vey
    Sa la guerre
    When that soft suburban moonlight
    Plays a mansionette melody
    Calling all blue collars
    And their sweet boufantee's
    To go slipping through the shadows
    Sipping corvasier
    It's magnifique
    in Rendezvous, U...S...A
    Sa la vey
    It's not Parie
    Sa la guerre
    It's over here
    When fast food restaurants elegante
    Offer glamour with glitter galore
    An tattooed hands hold champagne
    That whispers of amour
    To them coquettes across the tables
    With their crepe-suzette's flirt'eee...yeah
    Ahhh great fond-due
    In Rendezvous U...S...A
    Sa la vey
    It's not Parie
    Sa la guerre
    Yeah but I don't care
    'Cause sleazy sheik haunts the ballrooms
    Dancing disco's debonair
    An beau-coups of hip medallions
    Rub against Frederick's brassieres
    An they'll soon get off together
    to French tickle some tet-a-tet...yeh
    Ahhh what a grand adieu
    To Rendezvous...
    What a grand adieu
    To Rendezvous U.S.A

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words