Amarillo Highway - Terry Allen

    I'm a high straight in Plainview
    Side bet in Idalou
    An a fresh deck in New Deal
    Some call me high hand
    An some call me low hand
    But I'm holdin what I am…The Wheel
    I'm panhandlin
    Man handlin
    Post holin
    High rollin
    Dust Bowlin…Daddy
    An I ain't got no blood veins
    I just got them four lanes
    Of hard…Amarillo Highway
    I don't wear no Stetson
    But I'm willin to bet son
    That I'm a big a Texan as you are
    There's a girl in her barefeet
    'Sleep on the back seat
    An that trunk is full of Pearl…and Lone Star
    Gonna hop outta bed
    Pop a pill in my head
    Yeah, bust the Hub for the Golden Spread
    Under blue skies
    Gonna stuff my hide
    Behind some power glide
    An get some southern fried…back in my eyes
    An close I'll ever get to heaven
    Is makin' speed up ol' 87
    Of that hard-ass…Amarillo Highway

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words