The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - November '84
    1. Fire on the Hill (Dave Edwards) 3:04 - Dave Edwards
    2. Share the Failure (John Kruth) 2:53 - John Kruth & Elaine Silver
    3. Maria There Will Be Time (Tom McGhee) 3:12 - Tom McGhee
    4. Day After Day (Richard Meyer) 3:49 - Richard Meyer
    5. La Chanson des Livres (Freanch Traditional) 2:43 - Rentones
    6. Sculpting Stones (Billy Jones) 2:59 - Billy Jones
    7. Sailing to the New World (Hugh Blumenfeld) 3:48 - Hugh Blumenfeld
    8. Mama's Child (Peter Gollobin) 3:26 - Pinky & The Twinkies
    9. Ragman (David Indian) 4:00 - David Indian
    10. Rocking Chair (Deborah Liv Johnson) 3:01 - Deborah Liv Johnson
    11. The Four Seasons (The Promises of Spring) (Jackson Braider) 2:43 - Jackson Braider
    12. A Light Melody (Charles D. Herold) 4:32 - Charles D. Herold


    Dave Edwards: Vocal, Guitar
    Mark Dann: Bass, Keyboard, 12-Strlng Guitar, Drums, Syntheslzer. Guitar
    Elaine Silver: Vocal, Guitar
    John Kruth: Flute
    Pierce Pettis: Guitar
    Tom McGhee: Vocal, Guitar
    Richard Meyer: Vocal, Piano
    Billy Jones: Vocal, Guitar
    Hugh Blumenfeld: Vocal, Guitar
    Diane Chodkowski: Vocal
    Peter Lewy: Cello
    David Indian: Vocal, Guitar
    Neil Salant: Electric Guitar
    Deborah Liv Johnson: Vocal, Guitar
    Jackson Braider: Vocal, Guitar
    Charles. D. Herold: Vocal & Guitar

    Rentones are
    Nikki Matheson: Vocal,  Guitar
    Lisa Gutkln: Fiddle & Vocal
    Susan Reit: Harp
    Michael Kobetitch: Mandolin
    Neil Conaty: Bass

    Pinky & the Twinkies are:
    Peter (Pinky) Gollobin: Vocal, Guitar
    Laurie Brooks Gollobin: Vocal
    Alan Stern: Vocal, Lead Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor
    Nancy Talanian: Associate Editor, Advertising, Graphics Director
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Alan Beck: Photography Editor
    Giancarlo Biagi: Art & Photography Contributors
    Dennis De Vincenzo: Art & Photography Contributors
    Barry Fingerhut: Art & Photography Contributors
    Chuck Hancock: Art & Photography Contributors
    Charlie Hunter: Art & Photography Contributors, Production Staff
    Richard Meyer: Art & Photography Contributors, Literary Contributors, Prodution Staff
    Germana Pucci: Art & Photography Contributors, Production Staff
    Jeff Tiedrich: Art & Photography Contributors
    Bob Zaidman: Art & Photography Contributors
    Bonnie Jo Blankinship: Literary Contributors
    Gary Bohem: Literary Contributors
    Roger Deitz: Literary Contributors
    Jean Freedman: Literary Contributors
    Angela Page Hardy: Literary Contributors, Production Staff
    Charlie Hunter: Literary Contributors
    Paul Kaplan: Literary Contributors
    John Kruth: Literary Contributors
    Rod MacDonald: Literary Contributors
    Byrne Power: Literary Contributors
    Brian Rose: Literary Contributors
    John Weingart: Literary Contributors
    Sherwood Ross: Media Consultant
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    Tom Nash: Subscrictions, Correspondence
    Dianne Nash: Subscrictions, Correspondence
    Pat Cambouris: Subscrictions, Correspondence
    Ruth Ann Brauser: Production Staff
    Lynn Lopes: Production Staff
    Rudy Lopes: Production Staff
    Jay Rosen: Production Staff
    John Hardy: Cover

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words