Share the Failure - John Kruth

    It happens so often
    i just can't ignore
    all of the omens
    and the wolf outside my door

    there's a constant conflict
    between my life and your dreams
    your knight in shining armor
    has rusted at the seams

    we must share the failure
    i know both of us have tried
    no excuse can mask the truth
    so drop your foolish pride

    you could be a jester
    with your riddles so wise
    and i the finest archer
    competing for a prize

    but if i split the target
    i know it would be in vain
    for we could live forever
    and never love again

    up in the attic
    below winter snow
    there lies a memory
    black as a flock of crows

    somewhere within us
    there's a jail we can't escape
    the bars on all the windows
    can't save us from our fate

    by John Kruth 1984 zuni tunes

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words