Day After Day - Richard Meyer

    I'm older, yes I'm older
    Soon I will be old enough
    I've Jived my life day after day.
    But I can still feel the tears fall
    Still see the years fold
    I still love you day after day.

    But I'm ti red, and I wonder
    If this is what the work is for
    A half-hearted kiss that won't stay--
    But I can still feel the love
    That once kept us as young
    As the lovers we feel like today--

    And if you follow my heart where it goes
    You would surely see you have a place there
    I know I could go where the gold was
    And still long for home

    It's cold now with the fire out
    Hot tea jogs the memories
    The pictures remain and they say
    Weren't we young through the gay days
    That the wind's blown away
    I could still love you day after day

    1984 by Richard Meyer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words