Sailing to the New World - Hugh Blumenfeld

    And the sun makes no difference at all
    We work all night without it
    And Con Ed gives us heat and cool air pretty well
    And inspiration filters down the heavy skyway losing all its prophecy

    And the moon has no mysteries at all
    We declare our love by streetlight
    One night rooms and drugstores work out pretty well
    And the full moon fills the hospitals and precinct houses or so the modern legends go

    Sailing to the new world
    Sailing to the new world
    Sailing to the new world
    By the light of a friendly voice
    Through the heavens in the bodies of the thousand millions here

    And the stars are not visible at all
    The North Star points to Boston
    But it's easier to follow signs to 95
    And the universe is hid away like all our fears
    but we don't need to look for that

    [Repeat Chorus]

    © 1983 by Hugh Blumenfeld


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words