Maria There Will Be Time - Tom McGhee

    Jesus he was a quiet man
    Far away from his native land
    With his wife Maria and their little son
    In the midst of the new
    To the old they still clung
    Drove a bread truck in the early light
    Started working in the dark of the night
    Left Maria to the warmth of their bed
    Left her to dream of the words he had said

    He said Maria there will be time
    Just as long as you will be mine
    We will leave this trouble behind
    And we will sail on down the line
    Ah we will sail on down the line
    Oh we will sail

    On a dresser where she could see
    A tiny picture of st. Anthony
    And she made her requests with prayers for them all
    When he didn't answer
    Turned his face to the wall
    Maria woke from a dream one night
    Half asleep as she turned on the light
    And she thought of the number
    That had come with the dream
    And she looked to the picture to see what it could mean

    [Repeat Refrain]

    She had some money
    It was hidden away
    She kept it safe for a rainy day
    Took it down to the corner store
    Played that number and she prayed for a score
    Jesus came through the door the next night
    The house was dark
    But for a single light
    And the picture of Anthony
    Was facing the wall
    Maria cried when she told
    Him it all

    [Repeat Refrain]

    1984 by Tom McGhee

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words