The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - March '85
    1. Roses From the Wrong Man (Christine Lavin) 3:50 - Christine Lavin
    2. Free Harbor (David Indian) 4:35 - David Indian
    3. Into the Sun (Lillie Palmer) 5:38 - Palmer & Bragg
    4. The X-Presidents' Waltz (David Massengill) 4:09 - David Massengill (*)
    5. Elle a des Cheveux d'Or (Gabriel Yacoub) 4:06 - Gabriel Yacoub
    6. Call Me Please, Melissa/The Real World (Susan Vosburgh) 2:17 - Susan Vosburgh
    7. My Banana (Frenchy Burrito, Doug Miles) 2:33 - Frenchy Burrito
    8. Bow and Arrow (Andrew Calhoun) 3:48 - Andrew Calhoun (**)
    9. Susan's Valentine (As Long as Your Love's There) (Joe Virgo) 2:39 - Joe Virgo
    10. Unchain This Heart (Peggy Atwood, Rob Ward, Ron Rutheford) 4:27 - Peggy Atwood
    11. Song to Anne Frank (The Annex Blues) (Roger Manning) 2:34 - Roger Manning
    12. Maria (Peter Wilson) 2:28 - Peter Wilson
      (*) Recorded on a Sunday afternoon at SpeakEasy in New York City
      (**) Recorded live at SpeakEasy


    Christine Lavin: Vocal, Guitar
    Mark Dann: Guitar, Bass, Electric Guitar, Synthesizers, Drums
    David Indian: Vocal, Guitar
    Elizabeth Stone: Vocal
    Lillie Palmer: Vocal, Guitar
    Gladys Bragg: Vocal
    David Massengill: Vocal, Guitar
    Gabriel Yacoub: Vocal, Guitar
    Susan Vosburgh: Vocal, Guitar
    Frenchy Burrito: Vocal, coustic Guitar
    Doug Miles: Acoustic Guitar
    Andrew Calhoun: Vocal, Guitar
    Joe Virgo: Vocal, Guitar
    Peggy Atwood: Vocal, Guitar
    Bill Bachmann: Lead Guitar
    Josie Kuhn: Background Vocal
    Roger Manning: Vocal, Guitar
    Peter Wilson: Vocal, Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor
    Nancy Talanian: Associate Editor, Advertising, Graphics Director
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer (Studio)
    Jay Rosen: Recording Engineer (Live)
    Alan Beck: Photography Editor
    Giancarlo Biagi: Art & Photography Contributors
    Dennis De Vincenzo: Art & Photography Contributors
    Barry Fingerhut: Art & Photography Contributors
    Chuck Hancock: Art & Photography Contributors
    Charlie Hunter: Art & Photography Contributors
    Germana Pucci: Art & Photography Contributors
    Jeff Tiedrich: Art & Photography Contributors
    Bob Zaidman: Art & Photography Contributors
    Roger Deitz: Literary Contributors
    John Gorka: Literary Contributors
    Paul Kaplan: Literary Contributors
    John Kruth: Literary Contributors
    David Massengill: Literary Contributors
    Rod MacDonald: Literary Contributors
    Richard Meyer: Literary Contributors
    Mark Moss: Literary Contributors
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    Tom Nash: Correspondence
    Dianne Nash: Dir.
    Lynn Lopes: Dir.
    Rudy Lopes: Dir.
    Debbie Doyle Hennes: Cover

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words