Unchain This Heart - Peggy Atwood, Rob Ward, Ron Rutheford

    You gave me something I needed so bad;
    It felt like the first love I ever had.
    Now I'm trapped in the freedom I had loving you,
    And I want more than ever to see this one through..

    If I could ever unchain this heart,
    Love could come all the way in.
    And if I could ever unchain this heart,
    I'd never be lonely again.

    I'm drawn to the fire, but each time I turn,
    Keeping my distance so I don't get burned.
    Now I'm caught between loving, and leaving again;
    I'm not scared of losing, just afraid to win...

    [Repeat Chorus]

    You gave me shelter when my life was bare,
    You took me in, taught me to care...

    Words by Peggy Atwood & Rob Ward;
    Music by Peggy Atwood, Rob Ward & Ron Rutherford © 1982


    Marco Giunco
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