Song to Anne Frank (The Annex Blues) - Roger Manning

    Behind a bookshelf,
    Anne wrote, hoped, and prayed
    That everything would come out alright someday
    Now the sun shines on the annex
    And young folks sit and write,
    Journals by the waterway.
    And in France

    [First chorus]
    Thousands hit the beaches,
    Bodies laying all around
    French, German, American, English
    And no one's been shot down.
    There's peace on the beach in Cannes

    In many European cities
    You can tell where the bombs fell,
    By where the new buildings stand.
    Now the sun shines on the continent
    Except where the hateful hope to rise again

    [Repeat first chorus and first verse]

    [Second chorus]
    Thousands hit the beaches,
    Many hand in hand
    French, German, American, English
    They're all sleeping in the sand
    French, German, American, English,
    Together in peace, on the beach,
    In Cannes.

    © 1985 by Roger Manning


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words