Into the Sun - Lillie Palmer

    He moved his bed into the sun
    So he could watch the seasons
    Tossed a marble into the air
    Told himself he didn't care
    Swept up the dust
    Brushed off his hands
    Into the corner goes the music stand
    Into the drawer down from the shelf
    Comes the picture of himself
    When she
    Was in love with him

    Threw out some letters from friends long gone
    And a fragment of a song
    Barely remembers even the tune
    One year together if she'd only stayed till June
    Turn to the notebook
    Look at that page
    Those are the words he
    Wanted to say
    Oh well
    He'll never mail them to her

    Into the closet with all the old shoes
    How could she leave him so confused
    Life was so simple
    Until that day
    That other guy just
    Took her away

    (Into the sun the corner into the drawer
    No one's gonna hurt me anymore
    Into the drawer the corner into the sun
    There'll never be another one
    There'll never be another one
    Another one...)

    Lille Palmer © 1985 Palmer & Bragg Music


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words