Roses From the Wrong Man - Christine Lavin

    She opened the door
    surprised to see a delivery man
    holding a beautiful vase of roses
    in his hands
    "For me?" she said
    he nodded his head
    she took the flowers in
    and read the note

    Roses from the wrong man
    poetry written in the wrong hand
    she waits for one, hears from another
    who tells her how much he loves her
    with roses
    from the wrong man

    She places the vase
    in the middle of her living room
    the air is scented
    with the delicate sweet perfume
    she takes a deep breath
    closes her eyes
    shakes her head slowly and sighs

    [Repeat Chorus]

    How long can she hold out
    for someone who might never come around
    and how many times will this other man try
    when she keeps turning him down

    She's not getting any younger
    but she don't want to settle for less
    oh, how could such a pretty bunch of flowers
    trigger such deep unhappiness

    Ever since she was eleven or twelve
    it was her dream
    to receive the kind of flowers
    carried by the homecoming queen
    well sometimes dreams
    can come true
    in ways you don't expect them to
    sometimes dreams
    can come true
    in ways you don't want them to
    from the wrong man

    © 1985 by Christine Lavin


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words