Jerry Jeff Walker - Mr.bojangles

Insults and Apologies to a Seagull
    By John Sweethardt
    As told by Francis Carlisle
You are structurally unsound.
You wobble on that ferry boat piling on your rickety legs.
What makes you so awkward?
Why are you such a dodder?
brurr brurr brurr brurr brurr brurr
(Ferry boat pulls off)
My apologies to you Mr. Seagull.
Did I say awkward?
I saw no far arching wings.
Did I say rickety legs?
I saw no flit float flutter loll.
Did I say such a word as dodder?
You who can float absolutely atune .to the wind.
And wait not quite ready,
Not quite,
Waiting for that long swift plunge to the churned waters.
My apologies to you Mr. Seagull.
I didn't know you.

A magical brew,
An olive in It.
A Kettle.of Fish
With people in it.
Cards and coins and seagulls,
And Francis knows
Wherever you think you see it,

j. j. walker
    1. Gypsy Songman (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 2:27
    2. Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 3:42
    3. Little Bird (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 4:37
    4. I Makes Money (Money Don't Make Me) (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 2:20
    5. Round And Round (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 3:20
    6. I Keep Changin' (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 2:15
    7. Maybe Mexico (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 2:20
    8. Broken Toys (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 3:26
    9. The Ballad Of The Hulk (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 7:35
    10. My Old Man (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 5:30
    Jerry Jeff Walker: Guitar, Vocals, Liner Notes

    David Bromberg: Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
    Gary Illingsworth: Keyboards
    Don Brooks: Harmonica, Harp
    Danny Milhon: Dobro
    Jody Stecher: Fiddle, Mandolin, Violin
    Bob Cranshaw: Bass, Bass (Electric), Bass (Acoustic)
    Gerald Jemmott: Vocals
    Ron Carter: Bass, Bass (Acoustic)
    Bill LaVorgna: Drums

    Production Credits:

    Tom Dowd: Producer, Engineer, Patron Saint, Voice of reason, Vestige of sanity
    David Bromberg: Intensity
    Jerry Jeff Walker: Explication de texte, Pre-game warm ups
    Phil Iehle: Engineer
    Sid Sattler: Cover, Backliner Photos
    Kathleen Whelen: Design, Historian
    Bill LaVorgna: Merry subshine
    Karma Wolkswaken: Stolen Car

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words