Little bird - Jerry Jeff Walker

    Little bird come and sat upon my window sill.
    Sat there thru the pourin' rain
    As I watched that little bird upon my window sill
    I saw my thoughts of you go by again

    And a picture of my face reflected on the pane
    Is it tears or is it rain?

    I remember how we talked before we said goodby
    To young to notice the world outside our door
    And how we laughed and said our love was free
    Like birds that fly the winds
    Well the rainy day made me think of you once more


    I have no regrets about the past I see how young we were
    When our world was love and life was but a thought
    Many things go many ways and many times but once
    Our lives have passed and that love is but a thought


    So as the thoughts go tumblin' back I wonder how you loved
    Wonder if you've seen that little bird
    I wonder if he's sat upon your window sill
    I wonder if you'll ever hear these words

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words