I Makes Money (Money Don't Make Me) - Jerry Jeff Walker

    I makes money, money don't make me, that's the way I am and it's plain to see
    Get right for yourself, they can't put you on a shelf
    Live and let live, you know its plain enough
    There ain't a dollar in the world can make me change my stuff

    I met lots of men who told me when they finally make their first million
    They're gonna live like kings, gonna try everything
    They're gonna flatter pretty women
    If they know how to do it, why not get to it, instead of waiting all your life
    'Cause life is only doing, what you think is worth pursuing
    Instead of waiting all the time


    If you find yourself waiting and you know you're hesitating
    Get your butt off the ground
    It ain't your money or your honey, and you know it's kind of funny
    When its all boiled down
    If you want to be the man, and you know you certainly can
    Then do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
    Clothes don't make the man, money won't help you stand
    Any truer than you're doin'

    So you'll never find the endin' of sittin' and pretending
    You're gonna do it sometime
    You keep knocking on wood, doing exactly what you should
    Trying to save enough dimes

    Build 'em up higher, so you can retire, to your castle in the blue
    But you find it's all behind and it's probably slipped your mind
    And you're too pooped to toot


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words