Gypsy Songman - Jerry Jeff Walker

    I'm Gypsy Songman yessir you'd like to hear a song
    Well I'll pick it for you now and play it all night long
    If the blues is all you see this song is what you need
    Gypsy Songman passing by

    My whole life is a song and I'll share it with you now
    Pickin and a singin I'll get by somehow
    A dime would help me please a smile is all I need
    Gypsy Songman passing by

    Kids come a runnin as I pass by they all want to see
    Say "Hey Gypsy Songman, play a song for me"
    Their eyes glued on the strings, dancin as I sing
    Gypsy Songman passing by

    I've got as stage on every corner got a hall on every street
    My hat is my coinbox this song is what you need
    It's just a swapping time, this song is for your dime
    Gypsy Songman passing by

    So as I leave you now please remember me this time
    I'm the man who sang the song for your nickles and your dimes
    Today you saw me play as I stopped along the way
    Gypsy Songman passing by

    Marco Giunco
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