Round and Round - Jerry Jeff Walker

    Round and round, and everything keeps tumblin' down
    Make a sideway move till you're standing at the edge of town
    'Cause everything in this world's got you turned around

    How many times must we play the game of hide and seek between ourselves
    Speak about ideals passed on from somebody else
    While actually the truth is only what you do
    When you consider and then be honest to yourself and no one else


    Now life is strange when you think about the paradoxes we all live around
    Teach the young to love their neighbor but make sure that they grow up
    Love's just a game we play to occupy our time
    While everybody turns aside and hides their eyes and what's inside


    Now what's the good of the life you've seen if no one's hungry for your lines
    You can write a poem or song to amuse your mind
    But relationships you need can only come
    From those who have no clothes but they can take it
    Without the fear of living naked


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words