I Keep Changin' - Jerry Jeff Walker

    Spent some time up in Oregon, spent some time up in Maine
    And each time the ones who knew me then, now they don't know my name
    But there comes a time you know you realize, that there's never really anyone
    Who's been there all the time (yodel) you know I'm gonna be free

    Last time I was Memphis bound, I say Memphis, Tennessee
    I met some friends and we played my songs
    And that's makin' good kind of music by me
    But you know my life is always changin' lines just to suit some melody
    I'm hummin' all the time (yodel) you know I'm gonna be free

    Every place I've ever been, I've just simply sung my thoughts
    People pick up on what suits them best and that's me after I'm gone
    (Yodel) you know I'm gonna be free
    But there ain't nobody in this whole round world
    Gonna ever really know my mind or know me all the time

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words