Christopher Cross - Every Turn Of The World
    1. Every Turn Of The World (Christopher Cross, Michael Omartian, John Bettis) - 4:02
    2. Charm The Snake (Christopher Cross, Michael Omartian) - 4:24
    3. I Hear You Call (Christopher Cross, Michael Omartian, John Bettis) - 3:41
    4. Don'T Say Goodbye (Christopher Cross, Billy Alessi, John Bettis) - 3:32
    5. It's You That Really Matters (Christopher Cross, Will Jennings) - 3:59
    6. Love Is Love (in Any Language) (Christopher Cross, Michael Omartian, John Battis) - 4:27
    7. Swing Street (Christopher Cross, Michael Omartian, Will Jennings) - 4:14
    8. Love Found A Home (Christopher Cross) - 3:29
    9. That Girl (Christopher Cross, John Bettis) - 3:28
    10. Open Your Heart (Christopher Cross, Will Jennings) - 5:39


    Christopher Cross: Guitars, Synthaxe, Vocals
    Michael Omartian: Keyboards, Synthesizer
    Joe Chernay: Bass Guitar
    John Robinson: Drums
    Jerry Hey: Trumpet
    Chuck Findley: Trumpet
    Gary Grant: Trumpet
    Gary Herbig: Saxophone
    Kim Hutchroft: Saxophone
    Portia Griffin: Background Vocals
    Vesta Williams: Background Vocals
    Alexandre Brown: Background Vocals
    Lynn Blythe Davis: Background Vocals
    Khalig Glover: Background Vocals
    Richard Marx: Background Vocals
    Paulinho Da Costa: Congas

    Production Credits:

    John Guess: Engineer
    Michael Omartian: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words