I Hear You Call - Christopher Cross, Michael Omartian, John Bettis

    Moving in and out of light
    Changing shapes of shadowed life
    Bleeding out white
    To true color

    Path crosses path ahead
    Which way do I go
    Did you go, did you go
    Just before I'm lost
    There's a heart on the wind

    I can hear your voice again
    I can feel your love again
    I hear you call

    Soothing motion of a dying storm
    Morning tumbles from a golden horn
    What you loved
    What you lost
    What you gained
    Are the things that set you free

    Forgiving bridge of now and then
    Time's a canyon you can cross again
    Soul touches soul
    And the sound that they make will never end

    I can hear your voice calling me
    I can feel your love again

    There's a hero's hand
    Breakin' my fall
    You drown the siren's song
    When I hear you call

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words