Every Turn Of The World - Christopher Cross, Michael Omartian, John Bettis

    We think about the loves we lost
    Will it come again
    We think of all the things we want
    Will we ever win

    We listen to the voice of children
    Will they find their way
    Keep an open heart
    The answer to it all's a wish away

    Never let the tears you're cryin' blind you
    To the dream that's waitin' to find you
    'Cause there's one more chance
    With every turn of the world

    Is it gold or glory
    A taste of freedom
    Or the strong warm touch of a body
    There are all these things with every turn of the world

    Human kindness -- diamond of the heart
    Tearing down the old walls
    As long as we can share
    Desire's not a sin, after all

    When you find yourself alone
    Missing tender magic touching you
    Keep an open heart
    Everything you dream can still be true

    We all want a world we can live in
    We all want a world full of love
    It's never too late
    It's never too soon
    Whatever you can do is enough

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words