Open Your Heart - Christopher Cross, Will Jennings

    It's a lonely ride on Noah's ark
    Takin' a shot into the dark
    Hopin' that someone will see the spark
    Of the light in you

    Noah's ark to the ship of fools
    Didn't we break all the golden rules
    Caught in the dance of the hours

    Open your heart 'til everyone's in
    It's never too late to believe and begin
    Open your heart 'til everyone's in
    You can wish on the light of a star 'til the end

    Everyone's out on the open sea
    We're all a part of the mystery
    You know how lonely it can be

    You say you're gonna settle down
    Just play guitar and walk around
    Until you turn into the sound
    Of laughter

    Some do believe we came out of the sky
    And at the end we will fly

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words