That Girl - Christopher Cross.John Bettis

    I'm wakin' up in the same old way
    But I can't shake me out of the dream
    Every time that I close my eyes
    I see her face
    Like a star on a TV screen
    They all keep askin'
    Where you been after dark
    I say
    That kinda girl
    She grows on a heart
    And I know
    It doesn't come any better

    That girl
    She makes me sing
    She gives me things that only love can bring
    That girl
    She makes me sing

    If you think
    I'm losin' my cool
    That's true
    But I betcha'd do the same
    If you felt the flame
    Of her fire
    She likes to make you
    Crazy with love
    And I let her
    I know it doesn't come any better

    I watch the guys
    I see their eyes
    I see their eyes as she walks by
    She knows she's fine
    I know she's mine
    C-c-cuz she digs me

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words