Swing Street - Christopher Cross, Michael Omartian, Will Jennings

    There's a place I know called Swing Street
    Where you can really feel the heartbeat
    After working hard til sundown
    The city comes alive

    High up, low down, down on Swing Street
    Gypsy jazzmen tickling my feet
    Jive and music, love and money
    There's enough to get you high

    Sidewalk preachers hustling bibles
    Longing for one more revival
    There's a truth in all these dreamers
    If you read between the lines

    Well, it's all right watching the world come together
    A real life movie that goes on forever
    Take your chances and pull on the lever
    Down on Swing Street
    Down on Swing Street

    Morning comes, that alarm clock screaming
    Coat and tie, and wheeling, dealing
    I wish that I could be back on Swing Street
    Watching life roll by

    Everyone looks for romance
    Living out of magazines
    But there's still one place
    Where you don't have to fake it
    Down on Swing Street
    Down on Swing Street

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words