the CooP The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - February '82
    1. Where Were You Last Night? (Frank Christian) 4:14 - Frank Christian
    2. For The One Who Loves Me (Susan Brewster) 3:00 - Susan Brewster
    3. Howard Hughes' Blughes (Erik Frandsen) - Erik Frandsen
    4. Cracking (Suzanne Vega) - Suzanne Vega
    5. Down Below the James (Brian Rose) - Brian Rose
    6. The King of Hearts (Paul Kaplan) - Paul Kaplan
    7. The Greatest Part of Love (Ansel Matthews) 4:44 - Ansel Matthews
    8. The Jersey State Stomp (Dave Van Ronk) 2:59 - Dave Van Ronk
    9. On the Road to Fairfax County (David Massengill) 5:16 - David Massengill
    10. Joined in Laughter (Ilene Weiss) 3:45 - Ilene Weiss
    11. Kneeling by Your Chair (Skip Barthold) 3:15 - Skip Barthold
    12. When Soldiers Die on Battlefields (Ed McCurdy) 1:34 - Ed McCurdy
    13. Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream (Ed McCurdy) 1:59 - Ed McCurdy


    Frank Chrstian: Vocal, Guitar
    Mark Dann: Bass, 2nd Guitar
    Susan Brewster: Vocal, Guitar
    Erick Frandsen: Vocal, Guitar
    Suzanne Vega: Vocal, Guitar
    Brian Rose: Vocal, Guitar
    Jack Hardy: Mandolin
    Paul Kaplan: Vocal, Guitar
    Ansel Matthews: Vocal, Guitar
    Dave Van Ronk: Vocal, Guitar
    David Massengill: Vocal, Dulcimer
    Ilene Welas: Vocal, Guitar
    Skip Barthold: Vocal, Guitar
    Ed McCurdy: Recitation, Vocal

    The Speakeasy Chorus are
    Susan Brewster: Background vocal
    Suzanne Vega: Background vocal
    Jack Hardy: Background vocal
    Doug Waterman: Background vocal
    Ansel Matthews: Background vocal
    Ilene Weiss: Background vocal

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor, Article
    Brian Rose: Assistant Editor, Article
    Steven Brant: Editorial Board & Production
    Susan Brewster: Editorial Board & Production
    Tom Intondi: Editorial Board & Production
    Ray Korona: Editorial Board & Production, Article
    Arvin Lightman: Editorial Board & Production
    Frank Mazzetti: Editorial Board & Production
    Janet Miller: Editorial Board & Production
    Angela Page: Editorial Board & Production
    Doug Waterman: Editorial Board & Production
    Ilene Weiss: Editorial Board & Production
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Peter Spencer: Article
    Dave Van Ronk: Article

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words