Where Were You Last Night? - Frank Christian

    Cigarettes and coffee black
    On a rainy Tuesday morn
    Tolling bells and brief farewells
    Newspapers stuck on thorns
    A winding breeze 'round crippled trees
    Tossing notes of light
    Where were you last night?

    The moonlight like a dagger shines
    Through Venetian blinds
    Showing yearning shadows
    Starting to unwind
    partly eclipsed the quiet traffic
    Scars the asphalt with tatoos
    And I sit and think of you

    But now I only stare through windows
    Scratched with veils of rain
    And I see a sky bleached white
    And I wonder will I ever forget the pain
    That you were a lie

    I remember your smile
    Elastic on your face
    Put me in a viscious sweat
    I grasp you in the haze
    And your eyes so soft and warm
    You delighting in your harm

    © 1982 Frank Christian


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words