Joined in Laughter - Ilene Weiss

    There's a woman joined in laughter
    With a man who is not funny
    They are blind and sad and after the money

    I see people counting blessings
    As they reap each other's loathing
    They are howling as they're dressing in sheep's clothing

    Yeah, love and money
    They both come up again
    Dollars dipped in honey
    Are sticky things to spend

    I've uncovered some emotions
    That I've seen portrayed by players
    I'll go through more than the motions stripping layer

    There are lies in all the records
    There are truths denied there histories
    There are double. triple deckers or mysteries

    You go through such contortions
    Looking for your gut
    Sorting through distortions
    Of how and why and what

    When the silence overcomes me
    Like before a newborn's first cry
    I will trust that when you want me it is no lie

    Striking balance is elusive
    Opportunity's distracting
    And this desire for the exclusive is not passing

    The depth of feeling
    Is certain and obscure
    With trust that has no ceiling
    Am doubt that has no floor

    What a fine surprise in meeting
    What a perfect time to kiss you
    An embrace that must be fleeting, I will miss you

    I will numb my tongue with spices
    To proceed with what comes after
    But I'll keep away the vices from our laughter
    I'll keep away the vices from our laughter

    © 1981 Ilene Weiss


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words