When Soldiers Die on Battlefields - Ed McCurdy

    When soldiers die on battlefields
    Leave them where they lay
    Let the bright and burning sun
    Their torn young flesh decay
    Until the stench so fills the air
    That all the human race must fill its lungs
    And gasping cry
    "Disgrace, disgrace, disgrace"
    Disgrace not just for bodies still
    Not just for mortal stink
    But for the spirit so controlled
    That minds programmed to think
    In jerk reaction acting out the age old to and fro
    That our traditions have ordained
    The way all man must go
    And that is wrong
    A blasphemy against all creatures of the earth
    And dooms each new born thing
    From the moment of its birth
    All this must change
    And change can be
    For love exists
    It always has
    It is for you
    It is for me
    And if we stop denying it
    We all together may agree
    To search out and find a peaceful destiny
    For if we don't
    And still go on with slaughter, hate and pain
    The agony will never end
    And nothing will remain of human kind or animals
    Or sweet green grass
    Or oceans deep
    And we'll befoul our universe
    Then truly will the angels weep

    © 1982, Ed McCurdy


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words