Kneeling by Your Chair - Skip Barthold

    I am kneeling down beside you
    at the foot of your chair
    Listening to the words that you
    are weaving through the air
    I'm overcome with strength you've had
    in adversity
    And though you are beyond your prime
    your looks still dazzle me
    Defenseless in your air of grace
    I dare not touch your hand
    I am but a servant
    It is you who have command

    But how have you so long endured
    might I have the pleasure
    To ask you just once to reveal
    the most fragile of your treasures
    The soldier on your mantle piece
    you helped though he later betrayed you
    The student who squandered your fortune
    on study and never repaid you
    The politician who came for advice
    though the town said your honor was tainted
    How has a princess so pretty become
    in the eyes of the world degraded

    And I'll lap up every word you speak
    Like warm milk for a cat
    and let you hover over me
    circling in attack
    And I am full of feelings
    you will never hear me say
    I dare not mar the work of art
    that you are up there making
    So then I must be satisfied
    to let your highness rule
    And wonder how the dirt has grown
    so glorious a jewel

    © 1982 Skip Barthold


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words