The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - October '86 - Season'S Greetings
    1. Jeanette, Isabella (Traditional) 3:33 - Linda Russell
    2. The Wren (John S. Hardy) 5:04 - Jack Hardy
    3. Cristo de Palacaguina (Cristo Ya Nacio En Palacaguina) (Carlos Mejia Godoy)  4:46 - Pete Seeger
    4. A Modest Proposal (Fred Small) 1:56 - Fred Small
    5. Der Winter Herscht (Traditional) 3:15 - Deb Kayman & Ethnic Routes
    6. Christmas in the Trenches (John McCutcheon) 5:30 - John McCutcheon
    7. Chanukah Chase (Traditional) 1:35 - The Short Sisters
    8. Christmas Morn (Paul Kaplan) 2:38 - Paul Kaplan
    9. Christmas Meanings (Lydia Adams Davis) 3:20 - Lydia Adams Davis
    10. The Last Wise Man (Bobbie Wayne) 4:03 - Bobbie Wayne
    11. Light a Candle (Bob Killian) 6:07 - Bob Killian
    12. Come Fill Up Your Glasses (Peggy Seeger) 4:48 - The Tinsel-Tones


    Linda Russell: Dulcimer, Vocal
    Ridley Enslow: Violin, Viola, Vocals
    Bobbie Wayne: Vocals
    Joe Kaminsky: Guitar
    Jack Hardy: Guitar, Vocal
    Todd Scheaffer: Lead Guitar
    Tom Duvall: Bass
    Pete Seeger: 12-String Guitar, Vocal, Background Vocals
    Peter Yarrow: Background Vocals
    Paul Srookey: Background Vocals
    Mary Travers: Background Vocals
    Tom Chapin: Background Vocals
    Bob Killian: Background Vocals
    Fred Small: Guitar, Vocal
    John McCutcheon: Guitar, Vocal
    Paul Kaplan: Guitar, Vocal, Tenor Vocal
    Laura Liben: Alto Recorder
    Lydia Adams Davis: Guitar, Vocal
    Bobbie Wayne: Celtic Harp, Vocal
    Larry Cole: Northumbrian Bagpipes
    Bobbie Wayne: Soprano Vocal
    Linda Russell: Alto Vocal
    Jon Pickow: Tenor Vocal
    Peter Pickow: Bass Vocal
    Bob Killian: Guitar, Lead Vocal
    Peter Yarrow: Background Vocals
    Paul Stookey: Background Vocals
    Mary Travers: Background Vocals
    Tom Chapin: Background Vocals

    Deb Kayman & Ethnic Routes are:
    Deb Kayman: Vocal
    Judy Zwelman: Guitar
    Laura Liben: Alto Recorder

    The Short Sisters are:
    Kim Wallach: Vocal
    Kate Seeger: Vocal
    Fay Baird: Vocal

    The Tinsel-Tones are:
    1: Ensemble
    2: Jean Freedman
    3: Diane Chodkowski
    4: Judy Zweiman
    5: David Seitz
    6: Richard Meyer
    7: Ensemble
    Judy Zweiman: Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Richard Meyer: Acting Editor
    Christine Lavine: Associate Editors
    Hugh Blumenfeld: Associate Editors
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Jay Rosen: Recording Engineer
    Bill Kollar: Recording Engineer
    David Seitz: Recording Engineer
    Beverly Bark: Production Cordinators
    Peter Brown: Office Manager
    Tom Nash: Marketing
    Steve Key: Advertising
    Giancarlo Biagi: Art Director, Cover
    Sherwood Ross: Public Relation
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    Ian Schere: Computer Feeling
    Ruth Ann Brauser: Archivist
    Josh Joffen: Record Review Editor, Article
    Al Schere: Submission
    Jack Hardy: General Staff, Contributors
    Alan Beck: General Staff, Contributors
    Jill Burkee: General Staff, Contributors
    Roger Deitz: General Staff, Contributors
    Irving Glazer: General Staff, Contributors
    Randy Hecht: General Staff, Contributors
    Jerry Hinson: General Staff, Contributors, Article
    Marc Janosen: General Staff, Contributors
    Stewart Kabak: General Staff, Contributors
    Rosemary Kirstein: General Staff, Contributors
    Barbara Krinitz: General Staff, Contributors
    Bill Neely: General Staff, Contributors
    Lillie Palmer: General Staff, Contributors
    Blaze Perillo: General Staff, Contributors
    Germana Pucci: General Staff, Contributors
    David Roth: General Staff, Contributors
    Linda Russell: General Staff, Contributors, Article
    David Seitz: General Staff, Contributors, Producer
    Michelle Shocked: General Staff, Contributors
    Bonita Taylor: General Staff, Contributors
    Paul Kaplan: Producer, Executive Producer, Article
    Robert Rodriguez: Article

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words