Der Winter Herscht - Traditional

    Der vinter hersht in droysn ersht
    Un shney falt on a shir
    Nor do in heym iz freylekh, reyn;
    On kelt fargesn mir

    Tzint kinderjekh, di likhtelekh,
    Fargest zey nit keyn mol.
    Gedenkt, gedenkt fun yener tsayt
    Di heldn fun amol.

    Yehudo held aroys in feld,
    Der zun fun Khashmonoyim
    Vos hot gezigt un hot bazigt
    Di sonim, di reshoyim

    Un ale yor fun dor tzu dor
    Bazingen dem giber
    Vos hot zayn lebn opgegebn
    Zayne libe brider

    Un ver es vil tzum dreydl shpil
    Ir veyst dokh di simonim:
    A shin sh'ekht, a giml rekht,
    Aroys mit mizumonim!

    Winter rules outside,
    The snow falls endlessly,
    But here at home, it's joyous, clean 
    And we can forget the cold.

    Light the candles, children,
    Never forget them.
    Remember the heroes of old.

    Judah the Hasmonean
    Who went into battle
    He's the one who fought and beat
    The enemy, the evil ones.

    And every year through the generations 
    We sing about the hero
    Who gave his life
    For his dear brothers.

    Come play dreydl;(*)
    Of course you know the rules:
    A shin is bad, a giml wins,
    So layout the cash!

    (*)A dreydl is a Chanuka toy, a top with 4 sides. Each side bears a different Hebrew letter, initials for a reminder of the Chanuka story.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words