Christmas Meanings - Lydia Adams Davis

    What is Christmas, said Molly to Mack
    Jason to Keeyana, and Nabu to Zack
    Who is St. Nicholas, what's in his pack?
    What is his meaning for you?

    Have you heard stories, so very old;
    You cannot believe them without faith, I'm told
    A cold starry night when the presents were gold
    What is their meaning for you?

    I can't remember the first time I knew:
    What's true for me may not be for you.
    So many stories; which one is true?
    Which sort of meaning will do?

    Somewhere it's hot and there is no snow
    But here in America fires will glow.
    If we sit quietly , maybe we'll know:
    All kinds of meanings are true.

    I drew a picture of somewhere real far.
    I drew a small shed and a six-pointed star.
    Up in the sky, the sled and the deer,
    And what Santa said as he made people cheer.

    Then I drew hundreds of people around.
    All of the races I colored, and found
    Some holding presents, and some holding hands.
    That's Christmas meaning for me.
    What is its meaning for you?

    © 1986 by Lydia Adams Davis


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words