The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - March '84
    1. The Land of the Bottom Line (John Gorka) 3:25 - John Gorka
    2. Streets of Montreal (Peter Spencer) 2:59 - New England Express
    3. All My Ex-Girlfriends Are Married (Richard Meyer) 3:18 - Richard Meyer
    4. Mystery (Jane Byaela) 3:31 - Jane Byaela
    5. Everyone Needs Religion (Joey George) 3:17 - Joey George
    6. 30,000 Men (Steve Forbert) - 4:26 - Steve Forbert
    7. What Would I Do (W.D. Neely) 2:21 - Left Field
    8. Killing Ground (Roger Rosen) 2:59 - Laura Burns & Roger Rosen
    9. Cry, Little Boy (Eric Bibb) 4:43 - Eric Bibb
    10. Tell It Like It Is (Geoff Bartley) 3:19 - Geoff Bartley
    11. Mazes (Bob Norman) 2:37 - Bob Norman
    12. When an Old Friend Lays Down (Dave Walters) 4:06 - Dave Walters


    John Gorka: Vocal, Guitar
    Mark Dann: Bass, Drums, Keyboard Bass, Telecastor, Electric Guitar
    John Kruth: Mandolin
    Richard Meyer: Vocal, Guitar
    Jane Byaela: Vocal, Guitar
    Joey George: Vocal, Guitar
    Steve Forbert: Vocal, Guitar
    Frank Christian: Guitar
    Jack Hardy: Mandolin
    Roger Rosen: Vocal, Guitar
    Laura Burns: Vocal, Guitar
    Eric Bibb: Vocal, Guitar
    Geoff Bartley: Vocal, Guitar, Harmonica
    Bob Norman: Vocal, Guitar
    Paul Kaplan: Harmonica
    Dave Walters: Vocal, Guitar

    New England Express are:
    Rob Strachan: Vocal, Guitar
    John Strachan: Vocal, Guitar

    Left Field are:
    Elizabeth Emmert: Vocal
    Thorn Weaver: Vocal
    Bill Neely: Vocal, Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor, Liner Notes
    Nancy Talanian: Associate Editor, Advertising
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Jeff Tiedrich: Graphics Director
    Alan Beck: Photography Editor, Art & Photographics Contributors, Contributors, Editorial Assistants
    Dennis De Vincenzo: Art & Photographics Contributors
    Chuck Hancock: Art & Photographics Contributors
    Richard Meyer: Art & Photographics Contributors, Production Staff
    Germana Pucci: Art & Photographics Contributors, Production Staff
    Bob Zaidman: Art & Photographics Contributors
    Bonnie Jo Blankinship: Literary Contributors
    Gary Bohem: Literary Contributors
    Roger Deitz: Literary Contributors
    Jean Freedman: Literary Contributors
    Paul Kaplan: Literary Contributors
    John Kruth: Literary Contributors
    Christine Lavin: Literary Contributors
    Bill Neely: Literary Contributors
    Sonny Ochs: Literary Contributors
    Angela Page: Literary Contributors, Production Staff
    W.Randall Poe: Literary Contributors
    Byrne Power: Literary Contributors
    Brian Rose: Literary Contributors
    Sherwood Ross: Literary Contributors, Media Consultant
    Ned Treanor: Literary Contributors
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    Tom Nash: Subscriptions, Correspondence
    Dianne Nash: Subscriptions, Correspondence
    Pat Cambouris: Subscriptions, Correspondence
    Steve Alexander: Production Staff
    Ruth Ann Brauser: Production Staff
    Lynn Lopes: Production Staff
    Rudy Lopes: Production Staff
    Jay Rosen: Production Staff
    E.T. Steadman: Cover Illustration

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words