Cry, Little Boy - Eric Bibb

    Last night I broke down an' cried.
    Lyin' like a child in my sweet woman's care.
    Holdin' me tenderly, she didn't say a word,
    as my heart recalled the sorrows
    I didn't know were still there.

    It began with a fight we had.
    An' it left me so tired, left me so low
    When it was over, somethin' said:
    "It's time to cry."
    An' lyin' in my woman's arms,
    the man in me let go,

    Cry, little boy.
    Turn the pages in the book
    where you hide the painful stories
    that you've been through.
    Let the tears fall
    as you walk down memory lane.
    Everything that grows needs to feel the rain
    An' sometimes the best thing
    a grown man can do is
    cry like a little boy. Cry.

    I didn't want the relief to stop.
    I needed it so bad,
    felt so good.
    I wonder why it's so hard to cry.
    I smile more than I want to,
    an' cry less than I should.
    Go on an'


    Lyin' by my side,
    my woman spoke to me.
    Her hands on my face said everything
    "You can cry with me,
    it's music to my ears,
    makin' us stronger.
    So, let your heart sing."


    by Eric Bibb 1984 Cataj Music ASCAP

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words