Mystery - Jane Byaela

    Are you afraid you will find justice
    In what you were running from?
    Rocks of the river and the timeless drum
    That only sing when the storm's rising.

    Unchain this love and
    Promise to return as someone you don't know.

    Are you afraid of forgiveness
    In one who's soul may not be yours,
    In a rain you can't hear singing,
    Locked outside of silent doors?

    Are you afraid of what you will find,
    Turning of the tide,
    Healing sorrows
    That only show what you must hide?

    Are you afraid of meaning,
    Love you have denied,
    By deceiving
    The house of dreams you kept inside?

    Are you afraid of the freedom
    In a tree born out of the stone
    Reaching into leaves and branches
    No one knows how it has grown

    1984 Jane Byaela

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words