All My Ex-Girlfriends Are Married - Richard Meyer

    I got home last night
    and I went to check the mail
    There was another invitation
    to a party and a wedding veil
    I guess each prince has finally come
    for my lovers and my friends
    Well I've been down memory lane before
    But I've never been to the end

    But now all my ex-girlfriends are married
    I toss the rice and I wish 'em well
    She's a good old gal
    and I miss my pal
    And the romantic thrust and parry
    I toss the rice
    I'll wish 'em well
    Now that all my ex-girlfriends are married

    I went to the church
    It was an urban slick affair
    The relatives we'd avoided
    when we lived in sin were there
    When the call came for objections
    I stood up and I said "No"
    "But when it's time to toast the bride
    There's a few things you should know"

    I'm not bitter or lonely
    or an angry malcontent
    I fell in love myself
    and I know I've got the best
    I've got some sentimental pictures
    and phone calls make me smile
    Though we did not go the distance
    We sure did go in style

    1984 Richard Meyer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words