Mazes - Bob Norman

    When ms. packman ate the first blue monster
    double eyes ran wild in the mazes

    When ms. packman ate the second blue monster
    the jukebox was playing i know what boys like boys like
    nathan was working late at the office
    silent boxers with black faces and bloody gloves
    loomed high above the barstools

    When ms. packman ate the third blue monster
    the empire state building turned from blue to green
    a wino rolled over on the cold concrete
    of seventh ave struggled to get up then went back to sleep
    three plainclothesmen walked in through the door and the
    jukebox wondered: should I stay or should I go?

    When ms. pacman went for the fourth blue monster she
    suddenly noticed that the flashing had stopped
    the jukebox was silent
    the boxers cried out
    the moon shone full over manhattan
    the empire state building shivered

    She barely escaped in time

    1984 Bob Norman

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words