The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - March '86
    1. Mezcal (Tom Russell) 3:24 - Tom Russell
    2. She's Not You (Steve Gillette) 2:48 - Steve Gillette
    3. Straight from the Heart (Tom Intondi, Frank Rossini) 3:00 - Tom Intondi
    4. The Blind Man (John Kruth, Glenn Wolff) 2:49 - Elaine Silver
    5. Down to the Sea in Ships (Adrienne Jones) 5:28 - Idle Rumors
    6. One Night in Greece With an American Tourist (Clive Pig) 2:50 - Clive Pig
    7. Living in America (Rex Fowler, Billy Mernit) 4:23 -  Aztec Two-Step
    8. Cry, Cry, Cry (Me a River) (Susan Firing) 5:18 - Susan Firing
    9. If I Were the Man (Lyle Lovett) 4:04 - Lyle Lovett
    10. The Little Package (Brian Cutean) 3:24 - Brian Cutean
    11. Moments (Pierce Pettis) 2:36 - Folkano
    12. There Ought to Be a Law (Eric Wood) 1:55 - Eric Wood


    Tom Russell: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
    Andrew Hardin: Harmony Vocal, Lead Guitar
    "Fats" Kaplan: Accordian
    Billy Troiani: Bass
    Richard Crane: Drums, Harmony Vocals
    Steve Gillette: Guitar, Vocals
    Tom Intondi: Guitar, Vocals
    Frank Chrisrlan: Electric Guitar
    Howie Wyeth: Drums
    Mark Dann: Bass, Drums
    Elaine Silver: Banjo, Vocal
    John Kruth: Mandolin, Vocal
    Susan Firing: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
    Lyle Lovett: Guitar, Vocals
    Andrew Hardin: Lead Guitar, Vocal
    Clive Pig: Vocal
    Brian Cutean: Guitar, Vocals
    Eric Wood: Vocals, Electric Guitar
    Tom Blackburn: Guitar
    Lindsey Horner: Upright Bass

    Idle Rumors are:
    Adrienne Jones: Guitar, Vocals
    Margo Hennebach: Vocals
    Paul Kovit: Guitar, Vocals

    Aztec Two Step are:
    Neal Shulman: Guitar, Vocals
    Rex Fowler: Guitar, Vocals
    Fred Holman: Bass

    Folkano are:
    Josh Joffen: Guitar, Vocals
    Hugh Blumenfeld: Guitar, Vocals
    Judith Zwelman: Bass, Vocals
    Richard Meyer: Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor
    Christine Lavine: Associate Editors
    Richard Meyer: Associate Editors
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Bill Kollar: Recording Engineer
    Jay Rosen: Recording Engineer
    Beverly Bark: Production Cordinators
    Peter Brown: Office Manager
    Tom Nash: Marketing
    Alan Beck: Graphics, Photography
    Giancarlo Biagi: Art Director, Cover
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    Ian Schere: Computer Feeling
    Al Schere: Coordinator of Review
    Hugh Blumenfeld: General Staff
    Gladys Bragg: General Staff
    Jill Burkee: General Staff
    Roger Deitz: General Staff, Article
    Dennis Dougherty: General Staff
    Marc Janoson: General Staff
    Steve Key: General Staff
    Rosemary Kirstein: General Staff
    Bill Kollar: General Staff
    Janis Kollar: General Staff
    Bill McCaully: General Staff
    Willie Nininger: General Staff
    Lillie Palmer: General Staff
    Blaze Perillo: General Staff
    Germana Pucci: General Staff, Editor N' Chef
    Sherwood Ross: General Staff
    David Roth: General Staff
    John Kruth: Article
    Stuart Kabak: Article
    Bonita Taylor: Article
    Peter Spencer: Article

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words